Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products damp and moisture proof?

Yes, our products are damp and moisture proof as the material is breathable and has good permeability. However, they are designed to be kept inside your home so if they are placed in very humid or wet environments such as outdoors or in your garage, it will more likely for your contents to be affected by humidity as the products’ zips are not sealed or the material waterproof.

Is the material used for the Under the Bed Storage Bag strong?

Yes, our Drawer Organizer and Under the Bed Storage Bag are made of 600D Polyester and therefore very strong, resisting heavy weights and intense handling.

The “D” stands for denier or fineness which is a unit of measurement that describes the linear mass density of the material, calculated by the mass in grams of 9,000 meters of the fiber in question.

Fibers with lower denier numbers are more fine than those with high numbers, and fibers with higher numbers are stronger. This is useful to compare the density of two items made of the same material but it is not possible to measure denier across fabrics.

Whilst a 600D polyester is stronger than 450D polyester, it is not as strong as 450D nylon fabric because the latter is one of the strongest fabrics in the market used to make cooler bags, backpacks, briefcases or similar products where extra strength or rigidity is needed.

What is the Under the Bed Storage Bag capacity? Does it fit two double duvets?

The capacity is 70 litres and yes, you can fit two standard double duvets and this will be its fullest capacity.

Is the Under the Bed Storage Bag washing machine suitable?

Yes, our under the bed storage bag is washing machine suitable but we also recommend to clean it with a wet cloth or  brush as this will ensure that your product will last for a very long time.

How many Under the Bed Storage Bags can you fit under a double bed?

You can fit approximately 3 of them under a standard double bed.

Could I store shoes in the Under the Bed Storage Bag?

Yes you can and for this case, it would be probably better to use our four divider Under the Bed Storage bag for that as it will give the bag more structure. However, there are no special compartments for shoes so the items will be loose or you can place them in carrier bags for easier identification.

What happens if my Casa Smart product is broke due to faulty materials?

You can use your no-hassle guarantee for this. You are 100% covered for any damages caused by faulty materials or manufacturing. You just need to go to our Register your Warranty dedicated page to activate your guarantee by completing the form providing and following the registration and verification process. After that, just send us an email and we will assist immediately.

If you find any issues in doing this please do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an email to or by completing our Contact Us form which you can find in our “Contact Us” page.

What is your Return or Refund policy?

For those products purchased on Amazon, you would need to initiate the process through them as Amazon handle all our refunds and returns. Once you have initiated the refund, you would need to send the product within 30 days. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any assistance in initiating any of these procedures.

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